Robert Nettleship is a Composer/Performer from Nottingham, UK. Born in Walthamstow, London.
He has been described as a ‘Hybrid Artist’ in that he incorporates different elements from his performance into his work being either Drum Kit, Piano or Voice.

His music centres on Jazz and Indian Raga, improvisation being an inherent part of his writing. The material source of this kind of music often derives from improvisation on either Piano or Drum Kit and is re-used economically within other pieces as well.

“”His ability to seem sometimes vague about his work and suddenly produce excellent compositions is exciting and dynamic to say the least.”        Andrew Toovey

His music has been performed in a variety of venues from concert halls to libraries to his back garden and has been performed from Birmingham, to Porto, to Kuala Lumpa, Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction with Max Reinhardt.

In 2018 he worked primarily on his new album ‘Embodied’ which he recorded at Splendor, Amsterdam. The album is based on ‘Scratch Lyrics’ which he was encouraged to do so when talking to Howard Skempton, every day for about 5 months.
“A record of ambitious avant-pop music…he mutates the pop music formula beyond recognition” Si Paton – Press Release on Embodied



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